esclusivo Uomo Adidas Calcio - Scarpe Da Calcio Marchio UEF3A29KQ18T Soft Arancione Ground X151 ABCNRTW136

esclusivo Uomo Adidas Calcio - Scarpe Da Calcio Marchio UEF3A29KQ18T Soft Arancione Ground X15.1 ABCNRTW136

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I calciatori imprevedibili possono cambiare l'esito delle partite: creano magie dal nulla, sono inarrestabili perché nessuno sa in anticipo cosa inventeranno. Campioni geniali, sempre inconfondibili e sorprendenti. Le scarpe da calcio X15.1 nascono per questo tipo di giocatori. Presentano una tomaia X-SKIN ultraleggera che assicura la massima rapidità di movimento, caratterizzata da texture NON STOP GRIP (NSG) in grado di offrire un controllo di palla sensazionale. La struttura X-CAGE avvolge l'arco plantare garantendo stabilità e agilità nei tagli e nei cambi di direzione rapidi, mentre la configurazione dei tacchetti X-CLAW per superfici morbide aiuta a manovrare la palla in modo imprevedibile, lasciando gli avversari a bocca aperta.great boot. Even better service. I received the boots within 48 hours or placing the order. 2 ottobre 2015Great fit, very light and very easy to maintain. Look very cool on the pitch. 24 settembre 2015Although the sizing and width of the boots are perfect for my feet, I am sad and annoyed to see that after my first time wearing the boots and tightening the studs prior to playing, I still lost 2 of my back studs on my right foot. I would greatly appreciate it, if you could provide me with some feedback on as to why this happened, and what you are going to do on this occasion to resolve it.If nothing, then I will be returning the boots as faulty, because that is what they are.Thanks 21 settembre 2015Comfy, soft, classy boots look amazing on the pitch class for shooting helps create power very well! 15 settembre 2015I have been wearing nike boots for a number of years now and after looking round for a long while i decided to try the Adidas X'x and boy was i happy to come back to adidas such a comfortable fit in both length and width had to go half a size up than the usual but i guess thats because its a smaller fit !Great boot and would definitely recommend to many players! 15 settembre 2015Theyre good boots , don't fully replace the legend of the predator just yet .However the boots are light ,comfy and all round good fit. The only negative i have is at the toe the boot creases as it's quite a wide fitting but i guess the boots will do that over time anyway. All round very good boots for any player. 6 settembre 2015Bought these togs for my son ! They are a lovely tog but lost two studs within a few minutes after they were tighten ! Tried various ones none seems to fit can u advise me where I can get these from a lot of money t o waste on a pairs togs u can't get replay meant studs for otherwise . 4 settembre 2015Lot of money for plastic boots but the marketing worked! 31 agosto 2015Looking forward to having more game time in these boots, they are a great fit and I can't wait to see how they play once truly worn in! 25 agosto 2015BRILLIANT FIT GOT THEM IN 6 DAYS FROM GERMANY TO ENGLAND BRILLIANT QUALITY THIS IS A PRODUCT YOU NEED TO GET !!! 20 luglio 2015esclusivo Uomo Adidas Calcio - Scarpe Da Calcio X15.1 Soft Ground Arancione UEF3A29KQ18T158 disponibilità in magazzinoModello: fuaj515y8ots